Frequently Asked Questions about Hydrogen

1.What is Hydrogen-Rich Water?

Hydrogen-rich water is just normal water with hydrogen gas dissolving in it.

2. Why drink hydrogen-rich water?

Hydrogen water acts a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize harmful free radicals and protect your cells from oxidative stress. Hydrogen water has many potential health benefits, such as improving hydration, reducing inflammation, enhancing energy, boosting immunity, and preventing chronic diseases.

3. Is there any side effects of hydrogen water?

No, no side effects have been found.

4. How often should I drink hydrogen water?

You can drink it everyday.

5. What are the differences between hydrogen antioxidants and vitamin C ?

Both hydrogen and vitamin C can act as antioxidants, but the free radicals produced by the body can be divided into two categories: one type is needed by the body, and the other type is unnecessary and highly toxic. Vitamin C “treats” all free radicals the same and eliminates them all; hydrogen only eliminates the unnecessary and highly toxic free radicals, such as hydroxyl radicals. This means that no matter how much hydrogen is supplemented, it will not affect the normal functions of the body. However, if vitamin C is supplemented in large amounts, it may affect normal body activities.

6. Can hydrogen reach the brain and function?

Hydrogen is a very small and flexible gas molecule that can freely reach all parts of the body. Many drugs are blocked by the blood-brain barrier, but hydrogen can pass through this barrier and reach the brain, where it is found in high concentrations. This is one of the main reasons why hydrogen has the potential to be a safe and effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

7. How do people generally intake hydrogen gas? Which method is the best?

People can intake hydrogen gas through drinking hydrogen-rich water, inhaling hydrogen gas, and taking baths in hydrogen-rich water, which allows for absorption through the digestive system, respiratory system, and skin. Drinking hydrogen water is the most convenient method, mainly focusing on improving digestive tract and metabolic issues. Inhaling hydrogen gas is primarily aimed at improving lung and tracheal problems. Taking a bath in hydrogen-rich water is focused on improving skin issues and is beneficial for anti-wrinkle and beauty purposes.

8. When drinking hydrogen water, can hydrogen gas be absorbed from the digestive tract? How is it absorbed?

Gases can indeed be absorbed from the digestive tract, which is in accordance with the law of material diffusion. Gases dissolve in liquids or water, and this is fundamentally no different from the dissolution of other substances such as glucose or salt. Glucose can be absorbed by the digestive tract, and gases can also be absorbed, both through diffusion from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration.

9. What are the intuitive experiences of drinking hydrogen water?

Many people report an improvement in energy levels compared to before, and a reduction in the degree of physical fatigue. Additionally, there is a noticeable decrease in the frequency of colds and fevers, and even when a cold does occur, the symptoms are significantly alleviated. There is also an improvement in appetite, and gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and abdominal pain are relieved.

10. Does hydrogen play a role in anti-aging?

Experimental studies have demonstrated that the lifespan of nematodes can be extended several times in a hydrogen-rich environment. Long-term consumption of hydrogen-rich water can comprehensively improve health levels, alleviate sub-health symptoms, which is helpful for a longer life.

11. How is the most effective way to drink hydrogen water?

In clinical hydrogen medicine research, the general recommendation is to intake 1-3 milligrams of hydrogen gas per day, which is equivalent to 1000-2000 milliliters of saturated hydrogen water.

12. When is the best time to drink hydrogen water?

There is no hard and fast rule, just follow your daily drinking pattern.

13. Can drinking hydrogen water reduce fatigue?

Research has found that drinking hydrogen water can reduce athletes’ sports fatigue. It is recommended to drink it before and after sports and exercise.

14. Will drinking hydrogen water cause dependence?

Hydrogen helps improve the body’s health by adjusting the state of cells. It has no effect on normal cells. Therefore, drinking hydrogen water is not addictive, and there will be no discomfort when you stop drinking it.

15. Can hydrogen water be left for a while before drinking?

Hydrogen gas is particularly prone to escaping from water. The concentration of hydrogen in hydrogen water prepared by conventional methods decreases rapidly. However, the concentration in hydrogen water prepared using nanotechnology decreases more slowly. Therefore, it is better to drink hydrogen water as soon as possible after it has been prepared using a hydrogen water cup or a hydrogen water generator.

16. Is it possible to carry hydrogen water in a glass bottle?

Hydrogen gas is extremely permeable, and it can pass through ordinary plastics, glass, and even stainless steel, which are unable to contain it. Hydrogen water can only be kept at a certain concentration for a period of time if it is stored in a sealed container made of aluminum alloy.

17. What advantages does hydrogen have over other health supplements?

Hydrogen has a good safety profile, with no dosage limitations, and there have been no observed adverse reactions to date, so it can be used with confidence. The use of hydrogen is simple and convenient; by simply replacing our regular drinking water with hydrogen water, we can protect our health. The cost of using hydrogen is low, and long-term application will not impose a financial burden on the family.

18. Can hydrogen gas replace medication?

No, hydrogen gas should only be used as a supplementary means for bodily conditioning. Any issues related to diseases and medications should be consulted with your professional doctor.

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