Activated Carbon commonly used in water purifiers

Based on the different forms of activated carbon, the types commonly used in household water purifiers can be divided into:

Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC):

Powdered activated carbon is actually granular activated carbon with a finer particle size. Due to its small particle size and large surface area, its adsorption effect is superior to that of the commonly used granular activated carbon.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC):

This is the most commonly used type of activated carbon in water purifiers. The smaller the particles, the better the adsorption effect, but the greater the water resistance (inlet and outlet pressure difference), and there is also a higher risk of carbon leakage. Therefore, water purifier manufacturers should choose granules of the appropriate size. In large-scale water treatment equipment, 10 to 24 mesh (Φ2.0 to 0.8mm) is commonly used, while for small household water purifiers, due to the short height of the carbon column, fast flow rate, and short contact time between water and activated carbon, it is recommended to use 16 to 32 mesh (Φ1.3 to 0.6mm).

Activated Carbon Fiber Felt (ACF):

The most significant characteristic of ACF is its large specific surface area and abundance of micropores, with the volume of micropores accounting for over 90% of the total pore volume. The micropores are small in diameter and open directly onto the fiber surface, which results in a high adsorption capacity, high adsorption efficiency, and rapid adsorption and desorption rates.

Yucheng Technology’s Aroma Shower Filter uses ACF imported from Japan, with a surface area of 2500m2/g, to quickly filter out various oxidants from tap water, such as bleach; significantly enhancing skin hydration effects and alleviating various skin issues.

Sintered Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge (CTO):

Sintered Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge (CTO), also known as carbon block filter cartridge or compressed activated carbon filter cartridge. It is formed by heating and extruding granular activated carbon into shape. The outer layer of the carbon core is often wrapped with white polypropylene (PP) non-woven fabric. The sintered activated carbon filter cartridge combines both adsorption and filtration functions (average pore size 3 to 20 micrometers),but its filtration function is general lower than that of PP melt-blown filter cartridges, and its adsorption function is lower than that of granular activated carbon filter cartridges.

For water purifiers, the corresponding activated carbon should be selected according to the actual needs of the product to achieve optimal performance.

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