Why hydrogen alkaline ionized water?

There are hundreds and thousands of articles and testimonials show that the benefits of ionized water and hydrogen water.
Hydrogen alkaline ionized water is believed to be best way of supporting overall wellness and provide pH balance for a more disease-resistant body.
Japanese scientists believe that the water molecules are actually smaller and thus able to hydrate our cells on a deeper level. When we are properly hydrated,
we are able to better function on both mental and physical levels.

Ionized alkaline water has an antioxidant-like effect due to its negative ionic charge and can therefore effectively scavenge for free radicals which seek to destroy our cells.
In addition to the free radicals our bodies fight on a daily basis after being subjected to acidic food and drinks, pollution, negativity, extreme workouts, etc.
our bodies generate free radicals themselves! Free radicals speed up the aging process so neutralizing them may slow the aging process and appearance of saggy skin, lines and wrinkles.

Some studies of the effects of alkaline, hydrogen-rich water:
1) https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15438627.2013.852092?journalCode=gspm20

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