Faucet Water Filter (YC-028)

  • Refreshing&Great-tasting
  • Filtration


This product simulates the natural underground ecological environment and uses sintered carbon. Through pure physical principles and layered purification, it can filter out the sand, rust, colloid, heavy metals, disinfectant powder, bloodworms, Giardia and other harmful substances in the water. The filtered water is sweet and smooth, makes rice more fragrant, makes tea more purer.


  • Transparent shell, all-in-one design on the counter, compact and light, easy to use.
  • Universal connection port, suitable for all kinds of kitchen faucets, easy to install.
  • Flexible silica gel thread structure makes it easier to replace and clean the filter cartridge.

Technical data:   

  • Water source: Municipal tap water
  • Size: Φ84.5*310mm
  • Shell Material: ABS plastic, food grade,BPA free
  • Purified water output:180L/H
  • Input water pressure:0.1~0.4 Mpa