Hydrogen Water Bottle (YC-041b)

Molecular Hydrogen 2000ppb
Water Antioxidant
Low ORP -250mv-600mv
Negetive potential, remove excess free radicals
Contains minerals and trace elements
Remove unhealthy chlorine,ozone,etc.



1.What Is The YC-041b Hydrogen Water Bottle?

It is used for storing and transporting hydrogen which produces a high concentration of dissolved hydrogen in the water fast. It is easy to use with no need to change expensive filter. Just plug-and-play and you get to drink the best hydrogen-rich water. It works on its own rechargeable battery inside the bottle with a long battery lifespan.

2. Features:

  • The most advanced SPE and DuPont PEM technology.
  • Create hydrogen-rich water upto 2000ppb concentration in few minutes, the hydrogen purity reached 99.99%.
  • Negative potential, remove excess free radicals. ORP minus -250 to -650 mv.
  • Small cluster structures water-nuclear, strong permeability, good solubility.
  • Oxygen, Ozone and Chlorine are separated out, safe and healthy.
  • Low power consumption technology, pressure resistance design.
  • The base is detachable and suits different water bottles.
  • Distilled water, purified water, bottled water, reverse osmosis water are all acceptable source water.

3. What ithe hydrogen drinking water?

Drinking 1.5 Liters of Pure Hydrogen Water has the same antioxidant effects as consuming fruits and vegetables. Hydrogen-rich water can effectively remove toxic free radicals, prevent cell oxidation, prevent diseases, improve human metabolism, delay senility and improve skin quality. Molecular Hydrogen (H2)- is the smallest and most powerful antioxidant. The fact is privilege of H2 comparing other well known antioxidants as vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, catechin, glutathione is due to its size which allows deeply penetrate into cells and mitochondria.

4. Benefits of Hydrogen-rich water:

  • Improve cellular health and enhance better nutrient absorption in the body.
  • Better hydration for your body.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Helps to lower saturated fat levels.
  • Reduce aging to give healthy looking skin.
  • Improves memory in aged individuals.
  • Reduce constipation problems.
  • Aids in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Detoxifies your body.
  • Improves the quality of life of cancer patients on chemo therapy and radiotherapy.

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Water source: purified or filtered water or distilled water
  • Base material: aluminum alloy
  • Body material: food grade Plastic
  • DuPont N-117 Membrane
  • Size: 60*60*200mm
  • Lithium-ion battery: 700mAh/7.4v, Type-C
  • Display: OLED