Hydrogen Inhaler (YC-600A)

  • Small, portable and compact design
  • Quiet design
  • Selectable flow rate
  • Up to 99.999% pure hydrogen


YC-600A Hydrogen Inhaler is portable and quiet design, very simple to use. Just add pure or distilled water and plug it, then you can inhale the beneficial hydrogen in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you go. It’s painless, zero side effects, easy and very safe to use. No complicated operations.  Simply add pure distilled water.  Set the timer, relax and breathe.


  • Small, portable and compact design
  • Advanced SPE and PEM technology
  • Timer setting: 1/2/3 hours
  • Strong pressure resistance, strong hydrogen production ability
  • Newly upgraded mute technology
  • Large touch screen display to indicate status, settings and alarms
  • Low water, machine out of balance, TDS water quality and working flow display.
  • The smart sensing technology brings a built-in safety features
  • Up to 99.999% pure hydrogen
  • Selectable flow rate: 150ml/225ml/300ml per minute






This unit is powerfully small & portable.  Weighing at only 2.07kg. You can enjoy the benefits of molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy anywhere you go.

Technical data:

  • Item name: Portable Hydrogen Gas Inhaler
  • Item No. YC-600A
  • Input Voltage:12v/8A   12v/10A
  • Input Power:  96W    120W
  • Working time: 1h/2h/3h setting for selection
  • Hydrogen Purity: >99.999%
  • Water source: Distilled water or pure water
  • Item size: 120mm*120mm*210mm
  • Item weight: 2.07kg