2 IN 1 Hydrogen Water Generator(both a H2 Water Machine and a H2 Inhaler)

  • The most advanced SPE and DuPont PEM technology, high purity platinum coating
  • 900ml/min hydrogen output, 99.99% Purity Hydrogen Inhaler
  • 500ml/min water flow with 3.0PPM high concentration Hydrogen-rich water machine
  • Single/double suction for section
  • Smart Touch Display
  • HD Voice Announcement
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy material case


1.What Is The 2 IN 1 Hydrogen Water Generator?

This hydrogen water generator combines hydrogen absorption and hydrogen drinking into one, which has the function of hydrogen absorption of hydrogen oxygen machine and the function of hydrogen drinking of hydrogen rich water machine, can inhale hydrogen and drink hydrogen water at the same time. One for the price of two functions, letting you to save money and be healthy.


  • The most advanced SPE and DuPont PEM technology, high purity platinum coating.
  • Hydrogen output 900ml/min,99.99% Purity.
  • Water flow 500ml/min, 3.0PPM high concentration Hydrogen-rich water.
  • Single/double suction for section, you can enjoying high purity hydrogen absorption with your family.
  • Smart Touch Display is used to indicate status, settings and alerts. Professional digital touch screen control with high sensitivity. Smart sensing technology brings built-in safety features.
  • HD Voice Announcement.
  • Quick and Smart switching between the two modes, hydrogen absorption mode + hydrogen water mode. According to different needs, choose the corresponding program.

Color Screen in hydrogen absorption mode

Color screen in hydrogen-rich water mode

  • Three levels of water temperature for selection

  • 3 levels of hydrogen water(150ml,350ml,500ml)


3.Technical data:

  • Water source: Purified or filtered water or distilled water
  • Material: Aerospace aluminum alloy
  • Electrolysis method: PEM electrolytic water hydrogen production
  • Product size: 250*380*400mm
  • Rated power:110W-220W
  • Rated voltage: 110-220V/50Hz
  • Gas outlet mode: single/double suction