Countertop Alkaline RO Water Purifier Dispenser(YC-R530D)

  • 3-stages superb filtration
  • Alkaline super-hydrating   (pH 8.5-10)
  • Anti-oxidant and hydrogen water (Low negative ORP -150 to -300mv,H2 concentration 800-1000ppb)
  • Installation-free design
  • Instant heating
  • Automatic intelligent operating system


This Countertop RO Water Purifier Dispenser is installation-free and instant heating design, which effectively remove 99% contaminants such as chlorine, taste, odor, VOCs, as well as toxic fluoride, arsenic, lead, nitrates, heavy metals and 1000+ contaminants from your tap water, meanwhile, it converts the filtered water into alkaline and ionized water with hydrogen.

  • Creates good tasting, energy drinking water with alkaline and antioxidants, which improve your systemic acid/alkaline balance, enhance immunity and make the body more energetic.
  • Low negative ORP reducing the Oxygen Reduction Potential, giving strong antioxidant potential.
  • Activated hydrogen helps eliminate active oxygen.


  • Food-grade BPA free ABS
  • Installation-free design
  • Instant heating
  • Automatic intelligent operating system
  • Child Lock and Smart Touch Panel
  • NSF approved Post Activated Carbon Filter
  • Filtration and heating in one machine
  • Filter cartridge service life reminding
  • Temperature control
  • TDS display


3-stages Reverse Osmosis superb filtration

Stage 1: 5um PP Sediment and Block Carbon composite filter

Unique gradient pore structure that traps large particles in its outer layer and smaller ones in the inner layer. It effectively removes particles such as sand, sediment, and rust. Removes harmful chemical residues and carcinogens such as THM’s and pesticides. Large adsorption capability effectively removes odors and VOC’s.

 Stage 2: Reverse Osmosis Membrane

75 Gallon Reverse Osmosis Membrane purifies water virtually from all the harmful contaminants. It’s the heart of the reverse osmosis system.

 Stage 3: Alkaline water filter

It adjusts the water pH value, convert the filtered water into alkaline and anti-oxidant water with rich hydrogen.


Technical data:

  • Item size: 480x215x395mm
  • GW: 9KG, NW: 8KG
  • Material: ABS
  • Water flow: 15L/H
  • Water source: Tap water or rural water
  • Capacity: 75G RO membrane
  • Tank: 6L raw water storage tank, 2L pure water storage tank