Alkaline Mineral Water Filter (YC-029)

  • Refreshing&Great-tasting
  • Mineralizing
  • Filtration
  • Alkaline water


This product use an unique”original ecological technology”to simulate the natural environment, with high-grade multiple stages which including more than 10 medias, after the deep filtration by physical method, the system can effective remove suspended sediments, rust, chlorine, scale, organic matter, colloid, bacteria and virus from your tap water, improve the water taste and offer alkaline and mineral water.


  • All-in-one design on the counter, smart and easy to use.
  • Be suitable for most kinds of faucets, easy to install.
  • Elastic silicone threaded structure makes it easier to replace and clean the filter cartridge.



Technical data:

  • Ceramic filter, Reusable
  • Water source: Municipal tap water
  • Size: 15.4x9x33.2cm
  • Shell Material: food grade 304Stainless steel
  • Purified water output:180L/H
  • Input water pressure:0.1~0.4Mpa