PP cotton filter or Ceramic filter

PP Cotton Filter Cartridge:

The PP cotton filter cartridge is made of polypropylene, which relies on the self-adhesion of polypropylene fibers to entangle with each other, without the need for other materials for bonding, ensuring a clean and safe chemical composition. It adopts a multi-layer gradient structure, with coarser fibers on the outer layer and finer fibers on the inner layer; the outer layer is relatively loose, while the inner layer is tight. This multi-layer gradient structure allows each layer of the PP cotton filter cartridge to intercept and store impurities in the water, naturally resulting in a large dirt holding capacity. Additionally, the three-dimensional curved path micropore structure of the PP cotton filter cartridge provides a larger surface area and higher porosity. The large surface area and numerous small pores allow water to pass through the PP cotton quickly, increasing the filtration flow rate.

Most household water purifiers choose PP cotton filter cartridges for the first stage of filtration, filtering out over 80% of impurities in the water. The PP cotton filter cartridge not only directly affects the water quality but also impacts the effectiveness and lifespan of the subsequent second, third, or fourth stages of filtration, making it particularly important for water purifiers. Yu Cheng Technology uses industry high-quality PP cotton filter cartridges with a relatively high fiber density for all its filters.

The filtration precision of PP cotton filter cartridges used in households is generally between 1~5μm, designed to intercept large particulate impurities, such as suspended solids, silt, rust, etc., in the water. In areas with poor water quality, the PP cotton filter may need to be replaced every 2-3 months, while in areas with good water quality, it generally lasts six months. Therefore, if the household water purifier you purchase includes a PP cotton filter cartridge, it is recommended to replace the filter cartridge every 3-6 months depending on the local water quality.

Ceramic Filter Cartridge:

The ceramic filter cartridge is a new type of eco-friendly filter made from ceramic. Its pore size is 0.1μm. It is primarily used for filtering, antibacterial treatment, and activation of drinking water. It removes silt, rust, harmful residual chlorine, and suspended pollutants, organic chemicals, color, and odors from the water while retaining beneficial minerals.

Ceramic filter is a far more environmentally friendly option than relying on bottled water and significantly cheaper than many other filtration systems. The ceramic filter itself can be cleaned and reused.

Both PP cotton and ceramic filter cartridges are commonly used as the first stage filter in household water purifiers, and the choice between them can be made based on local water quality conditions and practical needs. For instance, if the local water quality is poor, it is recommended to choose a PP cotton filter cartridge for the first stage of filtration because it can handle a larger volume of impurities without getting clogged as quickly as ceramic filters, which have smaller pores and higher filtration precision. On the other hand, if the local water quality is good, a ceramic filter cartridge can be chosen for the first stage due to its higher filtration precision compared to PP cotton. Additionally, ceramic cartridges can be cleaned and reused multiple times, offering a longer service life.

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