H2 Is Helping Diabetes

Right now Diabetes Support Services is doing something to improve the current scene
with diabetes. They are working with hydrogen gas with their diabetic patients. Hydrogen gas is also known as di-hydrogen, di-atomic-hydrogen, or molecular hydrogen, and is a very unique antioxidant. It is so tiny it can pass through cellular membranes, including the blood-brain barrier. Therefore it can have far-reaching positive health effects on every cell in the body. It can fight even the most devastating free-radicals there are, and offers no harmful effects to the body or the environment. Free-radical damage and chronic inflammation are The two reasons diabetics have such overall health-difficulties later on in life.

Molecular Hydrogen, or Hydrogen Antioxidant molecules (H2-), has unique properties to be able to enter cells and fight free-radicals where no other antioxidant can. This is
particularly beneficial for diabetics, because they have so many complications related to free-radical damage caused by their diabetes. The facts are that ionized water, rich in Hydrogen gas, has been used with great success by diabetics. Does it offer a cure? Not in the sense that it will repair islet cells, but it offers prevention to many conditions caused by free-radicals which are threatening and plaguing diabetics.

How do Free Radicals form?

Free radicals may form spontaneously or they may be the result of exposure to heat,
light or something in the environment: pollutants or toxins such as cigarette smoke,
drugs, alcohol or pesticides. Sometimes the body’s immune system creates them on
purpose to neutralize viruses and bacteria.

In the human body, we have a vast array of molecules that are more susceptible to free radical attacks than others. These include fats, DNA, RNA, cellular membranes, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Negative effect caused by Toxic Free Radicals.

● Toxic free radicals break lysosomal membrane. Histamine leaks out.
● Free radicals breaking nuclear membrane altering DNA(genetic) material.Toxic free radicals attack cell membrane from inside and create easy entry for destructive enzymes and pollutants.

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